Sew a Softie – Felt letters

Make fantastic felt letters with googly eyes and using all your imagination!


Felt letters, Sew a Softie 2018


This month is Sew-A-Softie month

Trixi from Coloured Buttons and her happy sewing bug Harriet invited me to join Sew-A-Softie. The idea of this lovely proyect is that crafty bloggers from all over the world share simple sewing crafts for kids during the month of july. Perfect in case of boredom attacks or rainy vacation days or to introduce your kids to the wonderful world of sewing…

I am very happy to be part of the Sew a Softie crew 2018, thanks for inviting me Trixi!

My idea for you is sewing colourful felt letters. And now get ready for Super A and friends…


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Sew your own favorite felt letter or Super A & friends!


Felt letters, supplies, Sew a Softie 2018

You will need:

  • paper
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • felt
  • embroidery thread
  • embroidery needle
  • wadding
  • white glue or a glue gun
  • pins
  • for the decoration: googly eyes, little buttons, bits of tull and felting wool…


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How to sew your felt letter step by step

Sewing felt letters, step 1, Sew a Softie 2018

Draw you favorite letter on a piece of paper…


Sewing felt letters, step 2, Sew a Softie 2018

Cut out the letter with a finger width distance. Some letters like the A have inner shapes. Do not cut them out…


Sewing felt letters, step 3, Sew a Softie 2018

Pin the paper letter on a doble layered piece of felt. Now cut out the felt letter leaving a bit of distance to the paper…


Sewing felt letters, step 4, Sew a Softie 2018

Sew the two felt layers together, leaving a gap for filling the letter with wadding…


Sewing felt letters, step 5, Sew a Softie 2018

Fill the letter with wadding. A pencil may be useful for stuffing it properly…


Sewing felt letters, step 6, Sew a Softie 2018

Well done! If your letter has inner shapes like Super A cut them out of a different coloured piece of felt and stick it with glue. Now your letter is ready to be decorated the way you like it. Use white glue or a glue gun to stick googly eyes, buttons, wool, bits of tull, felt, plush or whatever you want on it. Transform your felt letter into a very special character!


Felt letters with hanger, Sew a Softie 2018

Suggestion: Attach a piece of twine and to hang your felt letters wherever you want…


Felt letters, Super A, Sew a Softie 2018

And that’s it! Look at Super A – he is so super cool! He protects our door, he loves to climb the cherry tree, he always smiles and is a really nice backpack companion. He made friends with thirping birdy B and camouflage C…


Felt letters, Sew a Softie 2018

Enjoy making your own special cuddly character!

If you want to to show your felt letters tag them #sewasoftie. Have a look at Trixi’s web for more seing inspriation and the Sew A Softie Facebook page to discover other great softie crafts. It is a huge collection ranging from adorable mermaids by Redtedart, lots of fantastic cuddly animals, look at this fun crab by Barley and Birch, how about this magic power pillows by Craft Make Play or a super cute hedgehog pincushion by Natalie from Schaerestaipapier?!

Have a look at all the lovely Sew a Softie 2018 tutorials here.

Happy Sew-A-Softie month and keep on sewing!



✂︎ —✏️—💕— ✂︎


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  1. Thank you so much Lisa, doing all the dressing up was the best part, we had so much fun to invent the caracters!

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